En fait c'es simple. J'ai adoré mon expérience. Comme coach tu prends le  temps de t'assurer que les mouvements soient bien faits et tu vois le  potentiel chez tes élèves et tu les pousses vers ce potentiel! Et les  résultats sont PRÉSENTS! Et le prix est EXTRÊMEMENT abordable pour le  type de service que tu offres. J'ai hâte de recommencer 



  Week after week I have been pushed and week after week I have seen gains. Training sessions are planned specifically for your personal goals and change all the time, which makes it very fun and unpredictable. The workouts involve lots of cardio, unorthodox movements, and core training to get your body and mind in shape. Get ready to work and sweat, he’s not called Prime Time Training for no reason. Highly recommended.  



I've been working out with JD for three months and the level of professionalism and support is impeccable. He is reliable, reachable and he LOVES what he is doing. The biggest reason I decided to keep training with him is the fact I know he will never let me down. If you need somebody that will guide you, motivate you and push you to your limits ...this is definitely the guy!




JD is really passionate when it comes to fitness.

He takes his job very seriously.

His work ethic is second to none.

Through his workouts, I was able to improve my physical condition & each week I saw progression and results.

Coach JD took the time to fix both realistic and attainable goals for myself.

Trainings change from week to week which made the sessions more fun.

Prime Time is definetely the coach you need to be able to perform at your full potential.



So if you ask me how i liked my training with Primetime training well the answer is simple, EXCELLENT! I love sports and competition and I feel that he addresses my goals  perfectly! Pushing me and making me better! Also, ever since I've started, JD made me discover boxing which i had no idea i would love so much! (lil tyson that's what he reffers me as lol) So far I love my results and the discipline I am getting out of it and I am really looking forward to my second set of sessions! Thank you =)



Jean-David you are an amazing Trainer !!!

I know it was not always easy training me despite everything, you have always shown yourself professional and especially patient. You were constantly behind me, pushing me and all that with a smile.

What I admire above all with you is the contact you have with your clients. You TRULY listen to us.

You are passionate about what you do and it shows, by your dedication, your availability, your encouragements and your relationship with all of us.

Keep doing exactly what you do. You might not know it, but to our eyes your customers ... you are more than a coach, you are a friend, you are the one who believes in us and pushes us to surpass ourselves

Thanksiiii again Prime TimeTraining and we will say very soon

Ps (I am already counting the days before our next training 😁)

God bless you

Jennifer Louis Jeune




There must be over a million trainers out there but JD definitely stands out from the masses. I was never motivated to do sports or any physical activities yet I’m at my second series of training sessions with JD. I like the variety of cardio, toning and boxing - he’s a great listener and tailors  workout plans suited to your needs. Result driven, he motivates you every step of the way to demonstrate that being active is a lifestyle and yes, everyone can get there!




When I joined JD’s boxing class, I was looking for something different to do than my regular training.  Since joining his class, I’ve noticed lots of improvement in my strength and my cardio.  It has helped me a lot when it comes to my regular workouts and I’ve been feeling changes in my body.

You see that JD is professional and very passionate about what he does.  He listens, he motivates and adapts training to your needs.

I look forward every time to go to his classes. And he is the only trainer who has me not complaining



 To this moment the experience is great. At first we discussed about my goals that i wanted to achieve and coach JD adjusted my training according to that. Week after week the level of difficulty is increasing, the exercices are different so it always feel like a new workout which is fun. The equipment is simple and easy to use but it is also super efficient. After few weeks with Primetime i was definitely able to see and feel changes in my overall condition and shape.  



 Getting active and consistent training was always hard for me so I often give up before seeing any results.
Yet I have completed 2 sessions with JD and about to finish my 3rd one. He breaks the workout down into small portions so that every part seems achievable and the positive reinforcement definitely works for me :-)
JD is very professional and dedicated while listening to your needs which makes every workout enjoyable 



 I am a hockey goaltender and I was looking for a training that would allow me to compete in higher caliber leagues. After only a month of training at Prime Time, I could already see results: increased leg endurance, faster arm and leg reflexes, more stability in awkward positions due to improved core strength, etc. Basically every aspect of my game has been elevated as a direct result of training with Jean-David. And on top of that, due to the upper body strength I gained, I can now complete a full work day on the computer without feeling cramped or tense.
I highly recommend Prime Time Training to anyone looking for a positive change in their lives! 



 I am very satisfied with the training and the coaching. I like that you personalize and try to adapt to each person's style and situation. I think you put the time and effort and the results speak for themselves. 





C’est tout simplement un plaisir de s’entraîner avec JD. Il est à l’écoute, nous amène à voir notre potentiel et à toujours repousser nos limites en toute sécurité. Les entraînements sont rigoureux, variés et tiennent compte de nos besoins et objectifs. Je n’ai pas tardé à constater des résultats fort encourageants. Qui aurait cru qu’un jour je serais triste de manquer un entraînement? Merci JD pour ton dévouement, ton professionnalisme et ta surdité sélective. Tu es un vrai catalyseur de réussite.