Client Results



 These following results for SOPHIE are simply AMAZING, but of course it took discipline both in TRAINING & EATING PROPERLY, 10 sessions of boxing cardio twice a week and here we go 1st her Basal metabolic rate went from 1494 kcal to 1533 kcal / her weight went down 4.4 lbs ( 164.2 lbs ➡️ 159.8 lbs) /Body fat percentage down 4.5% 😱 ( 30.2% ➡️ 25.7%) / Total body fat down 8.4 lbs 👏🏾 ( 49.6 lbs ➡️ 41.2 lbs) & finally up 2.4 lbs in Skeletal muscle mass GOOD JOB SOPHIE! 



 No magic pills, nothing fancy, just SOLID WORK that's what got JAY here 💪like I said before I am really result oriented as a personal trainer proud of you brother!  



 Since we started this journey I cant tell JENNIFER how proud I am she went from 31.6% body fat to 27.7% and lost 12.3lbs of total body fat  GOOD JOB!



 Started this journey couple months ago with NATHIFA today we tracked her progress very GOOD EXAMPLE of how the number on the scale does not tell the whole story So we started at 155.7 lbs & now we are at 155.9 lbs however she is + 6 lbs of muscle mass ( 50.7 lbs to 56.7 lbs) - 6.1% of body fat percentage ( 39.8% to 33.7%) and finally - 9.5 lbs of total body fat mass 😱🔥( 62.0 lbs to 52.5 lbs) GREAT JOB THIFA 



 One thing that I can tell you for sure is that at PrimeTime Training Studio we put in REAL work Swipe ➡️ So proud of yet another client who after 10 SESSIONS lost 5 lbs of total body fat ( 32,6 lbs ➡️ 27,6lbs) and gained 2,4 lbs of lean muscle mass ( 71,9 lbs ➡️ 74,3 lbs) and the most amazing thing went from 20,5% body fat ➡️ 17,4% 




The progress is Great: from 13.2% Body fat percentage to 11.2% ( Down a whole 2%). His Muscle Mass went up 4.4lbs ( 86

4lbs to 90.8lbs) ONE OF OUR GOALS ,and finally his total body fat mass went down 3.1lbs ( 22.9lbs to 19.8lbs  Let's keep it going.!

Client Results ( part 2)



 I only had 2 weeks & a half with ORNELLA we had to get through our 10 sessions as fast as possible since she will be travelling to her hometown to play 🏀 Every client is different ,here the focus was to make her a better ALL AROUND basketball athlete while losing fat & get her to a more healthy weight & we did just that losing 2.2 lbs of fat and going from 33.5% to 32,3% ( Body fat) go kill it & see you when you are back !




Corinne's feedback & my inbody machine are more than enough to see than we crushed our goals after these 10 sessions  In my 4 years as a personal trainer I Promise you that if you come ready to work & make an effort to eat clean and stay consistent you will see results good job coco!  Down 6,2 lbs of fat ( 33,1lbs to 26,9lbs)

Also down 3,9 % of total body fat percentage (24,4% to 20,5%) 



 I educate my clients to not only look at the number on the scale for progress, let's analyze my client's results: AUGUST 15 2018: 168,9 , NOVEMBER 26 2018: 167,1 some will think they only lost on pound in the past months but let's look deeper so we went From 28,2 pounds of fat to 19,8 pounds, that takes him from 16,8% of body fat to 11,8%, From 80 pounds of lean muscle mass to 84 pounds  



 So we started our sessions with STEPHY April 30 2019 and on today's date May 29th 2019 We can see results of her hardwork  ⬆️ 1.1 lbs of muscle mass ( 62.8 lbs to 63.8 lbs) ⬇️ 2.2 lbs of total body fat ( 46.3 lbs to 44.1 lbs) and also ⬇️ 1.3 % in her body fat percentage ( 29.2% to 27.9%) Now placing her in a different category - REAL WORK = REAL RESULTS Good job Stephy!  



 Very proud of MAGGY's Inbody results. As we are trying to lose some body fat, the goal is also to gain some good muscle mass so in only couple weeks we are + 2,4 lbs in ( Skeletal Muscle Mass) -6 lbs in total ( Body Fat) & - 3,2% in her total Body Fat percentage- REAL WORK = REAL RESULTS Good Job Maggy